1.9 New Reality

    All Episodes ⇐Previous  Next⇒ ***   Paul stood in the beautiful tree house without anything idea of what to say. Tosha was standing over the sink experiencing blindness for the first time. “Paul, I can’t see,” Tosha said with a look of panic on her face, “Why Can’t I see.” Paul entered the slow … More 1.9 New Reality

Mid Season break

The Unseen war is currently in a mid season break as the author creates more refined and amazing material for you to read. Bonus episodes and chapters can still be earned by hitting these goals: 1.) $25 of support earns a bonus chapter. 2.) $50 earns an extra chapter that week. 3.) Every $25 after … More Mid Season break

1.B.3 Molter

The Begining     All Episodes ⇐Previous  Next⇒ ***   Molter woke up face down in a dark alley, his scaled skin burned as if he had just been burned with a torch. He was in the weakest form he could remember being in. Molter stood and spun around, his clawed hand ready to strike. He … More 1.B.3 Molter

1.8 Vision

  The Begining     All Episodes ⇐Previous  Next⇒ ***   Paul and Tosha both stood, staring at Michael with mouths open wide. The lesson was to overcome fear, but they both felt as if their hearts had fallen to their stomach. “You want us to go in there again?” Paul said with a shake in … More 1.8 Vision

1.7 Lesson One

The Begining     All Episodes ⇐Previous  Next⇒ ***   Paul stood in the middle of the empty warehouse feeling more helpless than he had in days. Tosha hung from Molter’s claw-handed grip on her hair. The demon’s eyes seemed to have transitioned to red in his fit of rage. The man behind Paul was crying … More 1.7 Lesson One

1.6 Choices

The Begining     All Episodes ⇐Previous  Next⇒ *** Paul arrived at his neighbor’s house at 5:30PM and prepared to knock. One thing he had not bought was a jacket, and the October wind was frigid in Denver. Paul felt like his knock echoed through the neatly kept neighborhood. He had not forgotten that he was … More 1.6 Choices

1.5 Vendetta

The Begining     All Episodes ⇐Previous  Next⇒ ***   Paul knew that madam A was not kidding, but still he doubted very much he was actually going to see Michael the archangel. His heart still had not slowed even a little, and he wondered how he was going to make it through the heartache that … More 1.5 Vendetta